What kind of sport is Padel really?

juni 8, 2023

Padel as a sport can be described as very simple compared to tennis. Regardless of whether you have played racquet sports before or not, you will quickly get started and will be able to get the ball over – simply have fun on the court. In addition, you almost always play doubles, that is, two against two, which also makes padel a social team sport. There is also singles padel, but this is not a common form of play so far.


The history of padel The history we have read is about Enrique Corcuera who in 1969 invented the sport at home in Mexico and later presented it to his Spanish friend Alfonso de Hohenlohe. In 1974, Alfonso brought the sport home to Spain and built the first two courts in Marbella. Read about the history of the sport here!

The emergence of padel in the UK UK, like with many other things, is a bit late. In the early 2000s, UK saw some of its first courts, but it was not until the turn of 19-20 that the sport took hold and was included as a discipline under the LTA. Several national championships have been arranged and various tournaments are held throughout the country. There are approximately 200 courts in the country now and the growth of both players and stakeholders is enormous. In the coming years, the sport will see a big growth and we are sure that padel will become somewhat of daily passion for a lot of Englishmen.

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