The Padel history

juni 8, 2023
In games with friends, they realized that it was very cool to let the ball bounce off the wall and then play the ball back over the net. A few years later, it is said that Corcuera should have told that the actual reason he built the wall was because his grandparents’ property was located just behind one of the sidelines of the court, and it was boring to have to run and retrieve the ball in their garden.

The First Rulebook When Enrique Corcuera turned years old, he received a very special gift from his wife. She had created a rulebook for the new sport, which at the time was called Padel Corcuera or Padel Tennis. This was the sport’s first rulebook. Padel spreads to Argentina and Spain. Corcuera’s Spanish friend, Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe-Langenburg, often visited and became addicted to the new and fun sport they used to play at their Mexican friend’s house. He liked the sport so much that he built the first courts at the prestigious Hotel Marbella Club. Marbella had many Argentine polo players visiting who fell in love with the sport, including millionaire Julio Menditenguia, who took the sport home to Argentina and started building courts. The sport then spread both in Spain and Argentina. The rest is, as they say, history. Padel is now one of the largest sports in Spain and Argentina in terms of number of athletes and is widely played in other countries such as Brazil, Portugal and Italy. In other parts of the world, the sport is growing faster than ever, and Sweden is today the country where the sport is growing fastest – will UK be the next padel nation? World Padel Tour Although the sport has existed since the 70s, it took many years to become what we see today. In 2012, the World Padel Tour was established and the tournaments are played in Spain and Argentina, as well as in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Italy and as close as Sweden. In the future, we hope to see the circus in London.

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