How to book and play at Rocket Padel Bristol

juni 8, 2023

We are so excited to finally be open that we have set out to offer a wide range of activities and events everyday at Rocket Padel Bristol. From discounted games on all levels to intro-taster sessions and full rotational tournaments. Right now you get your first booking for FREE.


Welcome to Rocket Padel Bristol, Uk´s largest Padel Club. We use two Apps to get the most out of your padel experience with us:

Padel Mates & MATCHi

MATCHi If you are looking to book a court and already have your opponents or partners then you book your court on Matchi. You can either download the app on your phone or visit:

On Matchi you will also find information on our upcoming padel league.

OFFER: At the moment you get a free court with your first booking using the voucher code: rocketlaunch (use at checkout and valid untill end of May. Only applies the first time you book)

Padel Mates To browse through our activities, games, find new partners / players and join discounted rotational tornaments and americanos, you should get Padel Mates. It is the largest padel community in the world. To get your game going, follow these four steps:

1 Download the app “Padel Mates” and register an account 2 Do the questionnaire to get an initial Player Level 3 Select Rocket Padel Bristol as your “favorite club” 4 Apply for any available activity at our club Rocket Padel Bristol

If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to our staff:

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