Playing padel – a Quick Overview

Learn the sport in 3 minutes. Rules, court dimensions, how to score and everything around it. Here is the ultimate guide to study before you play your first game. Intro For those of you who have never played padel before, this rapidly growing sport can best be described as a combination of tennis and squash. […]

The Padel history

In games with friends, they realized that it was very cool to let the ball bounce off the wall and then play the ball back over the net. A few years later, it is said that Corcuera should have told that the actual reason he built the wall was because his grandparents’ property was located […]

What kind of sport is Padel really?

Padel as a sport can be described as very simple compared to tennis. Regardless of whether you have played racquet sports before or not, you will quickly get started and will be able to get the ball over – simply have fun on the court. In addition, you almost always play doubles, that is, two […]

How to book and play at Rocket Padel Bristol

We are so excited to finally be open that we have set out to offer a wide range of activities and events everyday at Rocket Padel Bristol. From discounted games on all levels to intro-taster sessions and full rotational tournaments. Right now you get your first booking for FREE. Welcome to Rocket Padel Bristol, Uk´s […]

9 best tips to extend the life of your padel racket

Rackets can be expensive and sometimes break before plan. So here are 9 golden tips that will definitely extend the life of your beloved padel racket. #1 Use common sense It may sound cliché, but be nice to the racket. It may come as a surprise, but it is actually not the racket’s fault when […]

Why you need padel shoes

Running shoes, which many people use, are designed to provide comfort and stability when you move consistently in a specific direction. Indoor shoes and padel court shoes, on the other hand have a flat sole to provide the best possible grip on sports flooring and hall surfaces. If you are trying padel for the first […]

Schedule for opening weekend

The weekend is full of activities and happenings. On top of a packed event schedule we also have some amazing offer in the pro-shop and on court. Join any activity or book a court for only £5.00/person including racket rental. Friday – Official Launch Party Saturday – OPEN 9.00 am – 11.00 pm 10.00 am […]

Are you new to Padel? Here is a guide to get you started

You enter the venue and look around. You and your friends are new to the sport, so you rent a racket. Then you notice those who have played padel for a while, who smash, run, drop the ball into the glass and seem to have full control over the four walls of the court. You […]

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